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There are multiple methods of Starcraft 2 betting, for example, you can bet on the entire tournament depending on your assumption of who will win or who won’t. you can also gamble on the player’s abilities if you have enough knowledge of the kind of gameplay that player indulges in based off of their history or former techniques that they apply. You can also bet on the team that you feel capable of winning a certain game.

You can bet on the way the SC2 team will win in a certain game, on the moves they will use or the methods and techniques that they may apply in the game, this bet can be placed right before a player is about to make a move and your reward can be received right after.



Betting Tips for SC2

From a virtual and technological perspective, the game can also be bet online, this can be a reliable source of betting because most of the financial give and take is performed virtually and there is almost no way that you can be cheated out of paying or getting the money.

These bets, although dependable, are quite complex in their nature because most of the people involved have avid knowledge of the game and the bets they make are very specific, they can bet on the powers of the character and the character’s abilities.

They can bet on the player as well because most of these enthusiasts have educated know-how of the players because of their previous experiences with the game. StarCraft 2 has earned an extensive online audience because of the popularity generated by the Koreans as it gives the game an edge and a sort of exotic sense.

Gamble with Virtual Items & Skins

Players also dabble in waging off their virtual items. Their loot and equipment that they may have gathered through the years can be bet on through their steam accounts. A lot of the players and viewers indulge in making acquaintances through these online platforms and maintain communities where they may bet between each other and not on a larger scale, this can, however, be slightly risky as none of these events are supervised, whatsoever. The sites that they wage on are not always reliable either because you never know who is behind the screen.

Educated Decisions

Learning about the people that you are betting on is key, and also very crucial if you do not want to end up losing all your money. There are many websites that provide you with authentic information and analytical statistics regarding matches that have taken place before, on a worldwide scale. Some see this information as pointless but the smallest detail about the most seemingly unimportant character can save you from burning a hole in your pocket.

The WCS page is a good place to start for beginners who are just entering the betting world. Although, it does not provide you with the most scrutinized of information. The page will provide you with a list of the players involved.

The precise biographies of the players and the experience that they may have had before. The kind of gameplay they do or the points they have received. The point system is an occurrence in high profile games that people play and they usually happen internationally.

The site may also provide you with their current whereabouts regarding the game and what kind of tournaments they may be taking part in.

Check Commentary

Commentary is also a way of having some information about the game, there are people who do this for a living and it can actually be a legal alternative for people who can not pay for the online streaming experience. There are also shows held where they will talk about the players and their opinions regarding them.

Betting is an interesting experience if you have the money and the interest for it and gives you an adrenaline rush when you receive a certain amount of money based solely on your assumptions and opinions. You have to make your decisions sensibly after being educated, though, or you may end up losing a lot of your money.

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Things you need to know about Starcraft 2 before you start Gambling

StarCrafts 2: wings of liberty is a game from the science fiction category, the game is strategy related and involves a sufficient amount of thought to be put into it while playing. It was developed by Blizzard Entertainment and was originally released in 2010.

This game was a sequel to the initial StarCraft, this game was released in 1998 and because of the old graphics had become less and less enjoyable, thus a new game with a similar theme was released for the older fans and to give the newer gamers an experience of what the game was like. The game was developed for Microsoft Windows and the MAC operating system.

Expansion Packs

The game is divided into three separate sections, the first being the one with the original title. There is also an expansion pack that comes with the game called the Heart of the Swarm.

Another expansion pack is also one of the installments of the game, this one, however, is excluded and is a stand-alone pack called Legacy of the void. One other installment was also released a few months later by the name of StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops, this edition was released in 2016 to give a sort of revised version.

The game, much evident by its name involves supernatural and extraterrestrial characters that you may be able to opt for.

Creatures & Characters

There are three species of living beings existing in the game. The first ones are the humans, that is called the Terrans in the game.

Then there are the Zergs, these are a superspecies, they were made when multiple life forms combined to form a single being. Finally, the Protoss, these species have most to do with technology and are made up of it, they also have Psionic powers, a concept that the players of the game will most likely be familiar with.

The three distinct installments of the game all focus on the different species of the game, the first species, Terrans, is the focus of the first installment of the game, wings of liberty. The second installment, the heart of the swarm, focuses on the Zergs and the third installment focuses more on the Protoss, which is obvious by the title, Legacy of the Void, which can be related to technology.

The Setting

The game’s setting is years after the exploitation’s of a character by the name of Jim Raynor. The game has taken in characters from the previous edition and has also created newer characters for gamers to explore with.

Jim Raynor is shown guiding an insurgent group in the game whose main objective in life is to defeat the rule of the Terrans and take them down, indefinitely. You can look at it either way, from the perspective of the insurgent team, where the humans are seen quite negatively, and are ruling with an iron fist and no one in that realm is happy. You can also look at it from the human’s perspective where what they are doing is right.

Revised version of Starcraft 2

The revised version received much of the same kind of reviews as the initial game. The storyline was called interesting and engaging. Obviously, the improved technology resulted in much better graphics than the game that was present in 1998. Although, some players were actually quite aggravated by the fact that the game had diverged way too much from the initial storyline.

There were a lot of features that were also missing in the new game such as the allowance to be able to switch between different multiplayer regions. There was also no way that you could perform LAN play with this game.

After its release, and at that time the game sold out quickly because of its reputation of being one of the best real-time strategy games. There were over three million copies sold worldwide, in the very first month, this was quite an accomplishment for a game in 2010.

Free to Play

In a gaming event, it was announced that StarCraft 2 would become a “free to play game” and will allow players to indulge in the basic gameplay without paying, however, there were certain conditions where you would have to pay in. This decision made multiple modes of the game available for the players who could not necessarily afford to spend money on buying games.

The single-player mode of wings of liberty was made available to the public, the multiplayer mode also became free of cost along with two other modes of the game. These modes were made accessible to everyone. However, there were things like skins that the player would have to pay for.

There were also certain modes that required micro transactions. War chests filled with loot were also supposed to be bought by the players. Co-op commanders were also an amenity that was not free of charge. The voice pack was another resource that you would have to spend money on. All these were usually bought by gaming enthusiasts who did not mind spending money on these things.

Wings of Liberty

Wings of liberty have exactly 29 campaign missions, 26 of them can be played in a singular playthrough while the three remaining missions are more choice oriented. There is also a secret mission available called “piercing the shroud” this can be unlocked after you finish the “blitz mission” where you will have to destroy a science facility.

There are also additional four missions, the players will play as the Protoss species of the game and work to relive the memory of a higher character called the Zeratul, whose memory is quite useful and in some cases essential for accomplishment of a mission.

Special Features in Missions

Each mission contains some sort of special features which make the game a lot more engaging, for example, there is a feature in a mission where the lava will flood the battlefield every few minutes, this is most likely to keep the players on their feet and alert.

The game tends to not get boring because of these small tips and tricks. The newest edition is the maps that are available to guide the players throughout the mission.

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Starcraft 2 Storyline You Need to Know In Order to Start Betting

The campaign storyline of the Wings of Liberty takes place four years after the Brood War. The return of multiple characters such as Zeratul and Arcturus acted as nostalgic for many older gamers.


More characters that returned in the new version are Mengsk, Artanis, Sarah Kerrigan and as mentioned before, Jim Raynor. A new character such as Rory Swann and Tychus Findlay have also been introduced, refreshing the game a little bit and making it interested for the much newer gamers that have started playing the game.


The players will also go back to locations such as Char, Mar Sara, and Tarsonis. Much like the characters section of the game the locations have also been added to, namely, Bel’Shir and New Folsom. These newer additions have acted as a breath of fresh air. If all of the game was just a little improved version of the one released in 2010, it is very unlikely that people would have bought the newer game. There is a race known by the name of Xel’Naga that took place and it was the reason that the species of Protoss and Zerg were created in the very first place, their creation plays an important role in the game.

Brood War

When the Brood war ended Kerrigan and the Zerg became the people in control in the Koprulu sector after they had defeated the Terran Dominion and destroyed the United Earth Directorate’s Expeditionary Force and they also managed to completely annihilate the Protess people’s homeworld, Aiur.
As soon as the Brood War ended Kerrigan managed to escape to Char.

His retreat was quite surprising because he had the strength and power to destroy all of the Koprulu sector. In StarCraft 2, the information has been made common knowledge that Kerrigan had vanished and has not been heard of since Brood War, the reason being initially unknown.

Arcturus, one of the characters that have remained, now has the responsibility of re-immersing the Terrans Dominion, all the while trying to fight off the rival Terrans groups. The character of Mengsk has become evil at this stage and he has declared Jim Raynor as an outlaw and has ultimately refused to protect any groups of people who follow his way of life and his teachings. Metzen somehow displays that Raynor has felt used by Mengsk because of their current stance on the entire situation.

The defeat of Aiur

The defeat of Aiur and the Dark Templar’s matriarch ruler Raszagal left the Protoss helpless and they escaped to the land Shakuras. Artanis, a student of the Tassadar is desperately trying to bring together the Khalai Protoss and the Dark Templar. These two groups of people have become dangerously hostile to each other because of the years of treachery and mistrust that has been established between them.

Death of Rsazaga

After the death of Rsazagal, Zeratul is devastated and troubled and is now focusing his entire life to decrypt the words of Samir Duran. The statements were mentioned in Brood War’s secret mission by the name of Dark Origin, the words were in reference to the hybrids reproduced by the Protoss and Zergs, together.

StarCraft II as an eSport

For a while, Starcraft has managed to earn a reputation as a sport that people will watch much like they will watch cricket or football. Most of the sales of StarCraft were developed from Korea making the game a raging success even though some people did not expect it to be. Before technology was so advanced there were stadiums for StarCraft and people used to go and watch the game being played there. Because the popularity was mainly in Korea the game could only be watched by people who resided there or traveled there to watch it.

Tournament Betting & Winnings

The Korean players managed to earn a decent amount of revenue because of the tournaments that were held there. The case remains the same to this day, but has evolved a lot into other regions of the world. People can now indulge in online gameplay and the game can be streamed through many websites for players who do not live near Korea or in Korea.

Though people still prefer the traditional methods and they still choose to fly to the areas that the tournament is being held in. this makes the game a legitimate sport that is played virtually. There are many advantages to this like the watchers or the players do not have to experience lagging and they can avoid any other technical difficulties quite easily.

The game was declared a pioneer in eSports because of the widespread appeal of the game and the betting factor that was involved with it. It was the first-ever game that was taken with a grave nature that was related to something other than the gameplay.