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Learn more about League of Legends coin flip, roulette and skin bets.

Betting on League of Legends matches is much like betting on sports, it requires analysis and speculation of past games. A sports fanatic will usually have watched previous games and know what kind of team they are supporting.

You may also be supporting a certain LoL team in the competition and may want to bet on that team, usually, your support depends upon the previous games of the team. All of this is quite important to take into consideration before investing your hard-earned money in any team, especially on a larger scale, where there is a chance that you may be betting millions, which can be the case for experienced players and larger sites.

TOP 3 GAMBLING SITES for League of Legends


Finding the best LoL Gambling & Betting sites

This is the product of companies creating a compilation website for people to perform their game-related activities, mostly relate to LoL gambling and betting. League of Legends betting is the website where people go to unleash their betting knowledge, especially related to money. The site has been used by players of games such as Dota 2 or CSGO. All activity is well organized and safe to invest your money into.

The popularity of League of Legends has to lead to the increased rate of people betting on this specific game and indulging in the competitions related to it, the increase is recent but drastic.

The league of legends game has received fame in a very short amount of time, regardless, it did not take long for eSport to set up for the betting of this game. That just proves how well systematized the entire situation is.

League of Legends will usually last from a range of twenty to sixty minutes and will be broadcasted to the betters on the website so they can manage to keep track of the game.

In League of Legends betting you can win skins and there are different types of gambling too. The most common ones are coin flip and roulette.

League of Legends Betting Odds

This is a type of betting that is quite popular among gamers, however, there is a structure that you may have to keep in mind. In this position of gambling, the game has to be analyzed with a considerable amount of scrutiny.

The players will have to keep an eye on the death of each champion because chances are that the death of one champion may directly affect the death of a supporting champion and can cause the demise of the entire team.

Betting in LoL can be done on the loss of a team or the loss of a character, it depends on the type of bet that you want to place and how much money you are willing to spend. People who bet on these sites are usually experienced betters who have knowledge of the bets that they are placing and the whole process can sometimes get extremely intense.

The one thing you can count on, though is that the whole process will not cheat you out of your money, this can be avoided because of the whole system being supervised and computerized, with people keeping track of it at all times.

Betting Strategies

If you are planning to bet on a League of Legends game, you will have to have extensive knowledge about the game, or at least sufficient knowledge that you know what you are doing.

Betting on the wrong team or without information about the team can really affect the entire nature of your bet. Know-how of the characters and the appropriate form of a winning team is very important if you do not want to end up losing a decent amount of money because of plain stupidity. The arrangement of characters is actually crucial knowledge for a better.

Along with that, there are teams that are involved in the competition, and they have been playing for a good amount of time. These teams may also have a record in winning because of the assembly of characters they opt for or the general abilities of a gamer to play well.

If you do not have information about the teams that commonly play, you may end up betting on the wrong team or a team that has a higher rate of losing. This can only end in two ways, either a miracle happens and the team ends up winning or you lose your money because of lack of knowledge.

Another mistake that people tend to make while betting is the initial betting of a large amount of money. If you are only starting off with betting, it is better to bet on smaller teams or smaller competitions that require less money for your involvement. You can easily bet if you are utilizing a few hundred dollars.

If you start off with betting way too much money and end up losing than there is a high chance that you will easily lose about a thousand US Dollars or maybe even more. New players that have a lot of money usually tend to make this mistake because they usually tend to not care about the amount of money they are spending, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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Things you should know about League of Legends before betting

This game is a multiplayer nature and involves battling. The battling is performed in a well designed, realistic-looking arena where the players can interact with each other. The game was developed by Riot Games, it was polished for the Microsoft Windows and Apple operating system, the MAC to be specific. The game was released in 2009 and was quite well received by critics and players alike.

In the game, the player controlling everything is seen as the Summoner, and the character that they are controlling can be called the champions. You are to form a team with other friends of yours and they will each have champions of their own.

The champions will then proceed to fight with champions of the opposing team. The champion usually has abilities that are quite specific with the kind of specialties they will need for battle.

Game Mission

The entire mission for a team is to infiltrate the base of the opposing team and obliterate the nexus, the nexus is basically the heart and soul of a team’s hideout and destruction of it ultimately means that the team has lost and has been completely destroyed. This results in victory for the first team and increases positive progress for them.

The hindrance is that the base is protected by defense mechanisms. Soldiers protecting the entryway, structures that are strategically placed to maintain the illusion of a wall, and in some situations a wall. They protect the base from intruders and make the game a lot more challenging for the people who are playing it.

Apart from the defense structures, there is also the obstacle of weakness. The weakness of the champions, to be specific. The champions are initially very weak and it takes a good amount of gameplay to get to the stage where a champion may easily be able to destroy the base and nexus.

This is done when the soldier has had enough experience and has managed to gather and utilize a considerable amount of loot making themselves stronger by comparison. The experience of the champions enhances the ability at which they can battle, and the items that they collect are a symbol of cosmetic improvement, which is quite necessary for this game because of the element of strong weaponry.

Collect Loot

You may have to collect loot and earn enough to come into possession of a weapon that is strong enough to help you with effective and good gameplay. There is a variety of modes and settings where the player has to be in the know-how to pass on, successfully.

Apart from the general mode, the game also exists in other modes as well. The setting includes high fantasy, this setting is for the more mythical minded players, steampunk, for the kind of players that enjoy destruction and chaos in their games, and finally, Lovecraftian horror, which may be slightly darker than the aforementioned settings.

These settings manage to give the player a more personalized feeling and make them feel a lot more involved in the game.


One unique feature of league of legends is that it has had the largest effect on the whole walkthrough community. There are gamers that finance themselves off of playing games while they record it or there may be a live broadcast. The whole industry has a sizeable viewership. League of Legends has managed to supersede numerous amounts of games just by this method, alone.

YouTubers play this game more often than others. There are also said to be more than 100 million players each month, pointing out the game’s popularity. Whether it be actual players or players online that videotape it, the game has received quite a decent amount of recognition.

Game Setting

The game is set in the fictional world of Runeterra, where reside people that have extensive backstories. The characters may be heroes and villains depending on the stance. The continent of Valoran has disputes between the regions in regards to leadership and ownership of land. There are also characters that don’t exactly live in Runeterra, they visit for the purposes of the game.

Why People Love League of Legends

People prefer to play this game because of the excellent graphics and extremely likable characters. The entire franchise has managed to break into other industries, namely the action figures. The game’s fame has caused the players to want to own tangible objects that they are able to display. Collectibles have always been an integral part of belonging to a certain fandom.

Apart from that, people also like to own clothing pieces that can portray their sense of belonging. It is usually very good to find your community easily if you are the owners of objects such as these. Jewelry is also an element similar to clothing, it is an object that you feel special whilst wearing and gives you a sense of community and belonging.

League of Legends in the Media

This game has also managed to break into other forms of media. There are documentaries and videos that you can watch regarding the game, if you become that much of a fan. There are also books and papers that refer to the game. Now, not everyone in the community would opt for reading books, but they’re available for those who are willing.

The Creators of LoL

The creators of League of Legends organize a cross country competition in an attempt to increase the already substantial popularity of the game. Much like the accessories, these games maintain a sense of healthy competition and community between the players at the same time retaining the excitement element of playing the game.

This competition is organized between North America and Europe by the League championship series, a society established by the people of Riot Games.

The competition consists of ten professional teams that are rather experienced competing with each other for a cash prize. These competitions have extremely high ratings and have managed to accumulate a hefty number of viewers. For a competition, by the name of Mid-Seasonal invitational, there was a viewership of nearly 20 million people in the year 2018.

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League of Legends Champions

It’s important to know about the different Champions in order to start gambling in LoL properly.


There is a certain category that each champion may fit into, namely, a fighter. The fighter section of the champion is usually responsible for being the average man, it is usually the character that is used by gamers who are beginners.

These gamers have a sufficient tendency to deal with damage and also have basic survival instincts. Apart from that, the player can use this game for close-range shooting activities. The player need not require a character that has specialized in choosing and can shoot from a farther distance. People usually make this choice if they are in need of a jack of all trades.


The Marksman is the character that causes the most elongated physical damage, the player can sufficiently inflict destruction to another player that will take a good while to recover from. The player can not, however, cause damage that will provide you with instantaneous results, it is a reliable player and excellent for longer gameplays.


The powerful character of the game is called the mage, now, the mage is more of a magical creature that is responsible for inflicting a substantial amount of pain almost instantly and if put in the situation they could permanently damage the player of an opposing team quite easily.

Just like the ones mentioned before, this character has its shortcomings, the one that stands out the most is the fact that the mage can not defend itself in the moment of attack, the mage has a very short life expectancy, the character is perfect for battle and attack during those battles.

The destruction that a mage can cause can be long-lasting regardless of, if it is a living character or a location. The mage should be saved for stages where you need some character that is extremely strong.


The assassin is much like the name that it is given. A master of stealth and excellent at its job. It is perfect for activities that require swift demeanor and quick movements. They are amazing at killing without a trace of them being there.

The kills that they perform are actually quite powerful without being sloppy and prone to a backfire of attacks, which is quite likely with characters that are not as fast as the assassin tends to be. People who choose the assassin usually make that choice to inflict damage quickly without losing much health on their own.


The most resilient champion is called the tank. Much like its name, the tank can take an incessant amount of damaging before finally collapsing. It is one of the most steady and stable champions that last a lot longer than any other category of champions.

These champions work best for defense purposes to protect their teammates when it becomes necessary, they can literally stand at the battlefront when it is required to and inflict damage while not having much of the destruction inflicted upon them. Unlike the assassin, the tank’s strong suit isn’t necessarily being fast, rather the tank’s best quality is how robust it is.

Support Characters

Support characters are much like the health characters in overwatch. They are responsible for the replenishment of other champions of the team and keep an eye on the overall map.

This prevents the players from going astray or losing any unnecessary health. If the player is much too damaged it will instantly require the assistance of the support champion, the champion will be able to heal the destruction in a decent amount of time and help it to get back up on its feet.

It is very necessary to have the support champion on your team or you will end up losing your progress and your team much sooner than it may be intended with the help of the support champion.

The best thing you can do is keep a close eye on the broadcast and bet in a team that you are well aware of. Betting in LoL can be quite enjoyable and give you a feeling of belonging if you make a well-informed decision, you can also end up earning a decent amount of money.