HearthStone Gambling & Betting

Learn more about HearthStone coin flip, roulette and skin bets.

The entire tournament aspect has increased the rate of betting on HearthStone matches. It is almost as if a platform has been provided to interested players, to bet to their heart’s content.

Bets are usually placed on one match in each HearthStone tournament, you can bet on the player or on the card. For example, some people bet on whom between the two will be the first to play a certain type of card in the match. Normal bets are quite common and happen with every tournament; you place a bet on the player, you think will win, before the math has begun.

You win if your choice of player wins. People also bet who will be the first to cause some sort of damage to the other. These bets can happen on a small scale, between two people, but can also happen collectively, where a group of people will root for one player while the rest will vote for the latter. People also bet long term, that is, people will assume who will be the ultimate winner of the tournament and bet accordingly.

TOP 3 Betting SITES for HearthStone


Betting does not necessarily have to involve money of some sort, there are people who will bet from their loot or their steam inventory (Steam is an application used exclusively by gamers). There are websites that actually promote these kinds of skin bets instead of money, to keep the entire thing organically game-related, people do not always like to spend money either.

heartstone skins betting steam

Some things to know about HearthStone Before you start Betting

The more you know about the game, the better your assumptions will be and you are likely to have an advantage over the other bettors involved in the process. You will most likely be aware of the strategies used and the strengths and weaknesses of the character and the card. Bettors will also research the players involved in the tournaments, they will watch past games of the players they wish to bet on and research the likelihood of them turning the game around and winning.

Knowing the skill level of the player is vital before you bet on them. Twitch is the most common platform to rummage through while doing your research on the game or the player, there are live streaming options and highlight options available to give you a substantial amount of material to thoroughly examine.

There is also a media source known as Liquidhearth that specializes in consolidating the information that bettors will most likely need. You can find information on a player that is involved in the tournament, you can easily stream past games on the website, it will also alert you regarding any new events that may be coming up.

All in all, this may be one of the most resourceful websites when it comes to information about Hearthstone. There are also guides present on the website for players who are beginners and just starting off with the game.

HearthStone has the betting style similar to that of a poker game, the bets are placed on the spot and the money or material items are also received on the spot. There is a lot of probability involved in the betting of Hearthstone tournaments, it takes a well thought out strategy and a considerable amount of research to gain any sort of expertise in the betting game.

Betting on Local Hearthstone Tournaments

In local tournaments not a lot is required, to be completely honest. You must have a minimum of eight players and public gatherings with the audience that wants to bet on the Hearthstone players. This meeting is essentially called a Fireside gathering. The gathering also has the need for a personality called the Tavern, whose initial job is to make confirmations with the owners of the game, Blizzard entertainment.

This maintains ethical boundaries in the tournament regardless of whether or not it is a small game. The approval of players in this stage of the tournament also gives them a way to move further up. This is called the Fireside gathering championship qualifier. Getting to this stage will mean a prize for the player in the tournament or the opportunity to compete in more prestigious competitions with higher values of prizes.

A sanctioned event has a set of gambling guidelines that are to be followed to maintain a civilized environment.

For starters, the rules of the tournament is that the competition will be a best of five situations. The deck that is given to the players should be exposed to them prior to the game so as to have some sense of what they are dealing with. Also, the deck given should hold at least three distinct classes to create a leveled out situation between the two opponents.

The deck that is provided can be used only once, meaning, once you use the deck you can not use it again in any of the next games. This rule is quite necessary because over-familiarity with the deck makes the game quite monotonous and the players start to lose interest and become more lethargic.

After being used once the deck is retired and can not be used again by any other player. Along with maintaining interest, what this does is make sure that the next players do not use the same tactics as the player that had the cards previously would have played.

After the players reigns supreme at the initial stage, they will proceed to the next stage. The players will then compete in their regional fireside gathering competition. These competitions follow a similar pattern and the winners of this stage move on to the final fireside gathering. These are the finalists and they compete against each other for a cash prize of 2500 US Dollars.

Betting on Regional Hearthstone Tournaments

When the players are finalized from local situations, they move on to the regional tournaments, before playing in a smaller competition known as ‘the last call’.

The last call is conditional with the pack of cards you have. If you have the specific ones required to move further, you are likely to move on to the regionals. Classes are called and the decks are compared, from the two, the person who has the higher card of that specific class will move further.

There will be sixteen finalists from the last call that will transfer to the regionals. This method will have filtered out each amateur player and picked out the best of the best to represent them in the regional tournaments and compete. People tend to prefer the best form of representation in situations where other regions are involved.

The regionals consist of forty players from each region who will fight in a double elimination and the weakest links will thus, be excluded. There will be a top-eight among the contestants who are left who will then be exempted from performing in the first two rounds because of their above-average gameplay.

There will then be a final sixteen left in the regionals and the winner from this stage will be awarded the 24th position in their tournament. The 24th position player along with other members that were successful in the last call will go on to perform in the regional championship, the prize for that is 250,000 US Dollars.

About HearthStone

HearthStone background

HearthStone is a game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the virtual form of a card game, usually inspired by characters and creatures that are powerful, within the game. The players will usually collect the cards and then proceed to trade and fight with them on an online website depending on the strength of their player.

Hearthstone is inspired by Warcraft and the creatures available are quite similar to those present in Warcraft. The game is free to play and can be played online. It was initially developed for Microsoft Windows and the MAC operating system.

As technology advanced the games started becoming available for people, on the operating system of their smartphones, namely iOS and Android. The game was released to the general public in 2014. The game was a huge success for Blizzard and managed to earn a hefty, 40 million US Dollars per month for the company, making it evident that the success of the game has reached considerable ranges and has succeeded many of the existing games of a similar nature.

By 2018, Blizzard announced that they have more than a 100 million players currently playing the game. Much like any other card or board game, the game is built on the basis of taking turns, virtually. The game can be played across distinct platforms and modes of technology and is only limited when it comes to geographical restrictions.

Not all players can play cross country with every continent or country in existence in order to maintain a sense of decorum and stability and avoid any form of negative intensity.

1 vs 1 Matches

The game exists between two opponents online. Each player will have a collection of thirty cards that they can use during the game. Each card will be the owner of a character that has its own unique set of skills and abilities. Each player is given a certain amount of mana crystals that the player can use to call the abilities and skills of the character on the card.

Mana Crystals

Now the mana crystals provided to the gamer is quite limited and are intended to be used wisely as to not risk wasting them in an unnecessary situation. Using the mana crystals wisely decides whether the player will win or lose.

The prize that you usually get is an addition to the collection of cards that you may already own. It could be a unique card that you have not had the opportunity to possess, or it could be a card that you may already own and can trade.


Rewards can also come in the form of gold which you can then use to buy a new pack of cards. The game has multiple modes in which the player can enjoy themselves to keep the game fresh, consistent, and enjoyable.

Game Modes

Each new mode can hold new cards with new characters that the players can then discover and practice with, the new modes can also contain different settings, that can offer you new adventures where you can experience the game at a whole new level and find new ways to complete tasks.

This manages to keep the game interesting for players. The better your collection, the more improved your chance of excelling at the game and progressing forward in competitions regarding betting and such. The creators have tried their best to make the game seem as realistic as possible and give you the kind of experience that you would get if you were physically playing the game.

Created by a Small Team

It is said that this game was more of a prototype than an actual game that would have been released in the future. It was developed by a small team in the company that created it. It was more of a derivation of the World of Warcraft card trading game where the players did a lot that was similar to what is done in Hearthstone.

Lack of cheating in-game

The most efficient part of a virtual card game is easily the lack of cheating and deviance between the players. You can easily play the game without any sort of re-runs or yelling or overall treachery that happens when you physically play a card game. The regulated nature mixed with the realism of the game makes the game a lot more organized and much more enjoyable for the player.

Card Distribution

There is a hierarchy in the way cards are distributed, it is a proper class system, starting from Warrior then it moves up to Shaman, moving on to Rogue, further going to Paladin, then it goes to Hunter, then the Druid, moving on to the Warlock then the Mage and finally the priest. It depends on the class of cards you have in the most amount that will define whether or not you have a higher win rate or losing rate.

The cards will most likely have characters that include powers like minions, spells, weaponry or hero cards. Just like the class, this is also a set of categories that the cards are usually be divided into. Blizzards tend to release new cards every four months to avoid being tedious and maintaining a good range of variety for the players.

Free to Play

The players are allowed to play for free, but you can acquire special, premium cards if you pay for them. People tend to spend money on cards that might be harder to obtain from just gameplay and winning, fanatics prefer keeping their collection growing and are willing to pay.

The whole idea of the game was to speed up the process by avoiding any manual reactions that tend to occur in physical card games, they set up a timer for each player and the payer is to make their move in that given time limit to avoid their turn being skipped, and then, possibly losing progress.

Intense Card Game

The virtual stance of the game makes it a lot more efficient and thus more challenging than a regular card game. The increased intensity has managed to keep players consistent and retain interest, simultaneously. The revenue for the company also becomes considerably because of these companies which ultimately allows them to keep developing and updating, it’s a cycle.

Main Attraction

Hearthstone’s main attraction is that it is initially free of charge, making it available for people who might be new to the gaming world or might not want to spend too much money, but still want to dip their toe in the pool that is the gaming world. The availability of the game on multiple platforms, not just your PC, has drastically increased the popularity of the game.

This increase in popularity has led the game to be a contender in the eSport category. The game is bet on a lot more because of its accessibility.

Betting on Tournaments

Betting websites tend to arrange tournaments that may be inter-regional, or cross country; involving a number of countries in the whole process. With the widespread nature of the tournaments, the game’s betting society has increased substantially, regardless of the recent release of the game.

With the right information and some amount of experience, gambling on Hearthstone games can be quite fun and also advantageous for your bank account. If you play your cards right, you will end up in a very positive situation.