CS:GO Gambling & Betting

Learn more about CS:GO coin flip, roulette and skin bets.

With so many legal issues and controversies surrounding Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lately, you would be forgiven for being on edge. It is also quite understandable if you think that all gambling sites that have anything to do with CS:GO are shady and illegal.

It is true that the day of reckoning has been long coming for those sites which promote underage gambling. The cease and desist notice by the company behind CS:GO, Valve, has also made a lot of players jittery.

However, gambling for CS:GO has been around for ages. Unless the website is illegal and has no policy, you don’t have to be on edge about playing online. After all, classic games such as the roulette and coin flip were made to be enjoyed.



Finding the best CS:GO Gambling & Betting sites

Roulette, as well as Coin Flip are both very popular on the CS:GO betting sites. But with so many websites cropping up, finding the right one can be a challenge.

The key to safe eSports gambling is to find an excellent website which keeps you protected and complies with the laws as well. There are essential features that you cannot ignore when narrowing down your choice of CS:GO betting sites.

The legality of the site

Legality is one of the major reasons why many gambling sites get into trouble with the law. If the CS:GO gambling site is not legal, you risk getting into trouble with the law and also compromise your privacy.

Therefore, make sure that the website is licensed and complies with the law before you sign up.

To establish whether the website is legal or not, go to the bottom of the page. Check their privacy policy. Established sites will not only display their license number and jurisdiction, but they also display how they protect your data.

Reasons why your details are collected and other relevant information will be clearly stated.

Legal and licensed websites have nothing to hide as they operate in compliance with the law. This is the kind of website you want to gamble on.

Multiple banking options

One of the main reasons why CS:GO gambling is so addictive is because skins can be traded to digital currencies and real-world currencies. This is why you need to make sure that the website you are playing at gives you the option to use cryptocurrencies preferably Ethereum or Bitcoin, e-wallets, credit cards and even debit cards.

Winning skins is fun, but if you can convert them into real cash, it’s more fun. Although most CS: GO gambling sites allow their players to deposit skins which are later converted to coins, it is wise to double-check their options.

While you are at it, check whether they have instant withdrawals as well.

Selection of Games

An important characteristic of an exceptional casino, whether online or brick and mortar, is having a wide selection of games in their inventory. Of course, you will be primarily focused on playing roulette and coin flip, but when a casino has a great selection of games, you know it is a good one.

So, irrespective of whether you play the games or not, check the selection of games at the CS:GO gambling site before signing up. One of the eSports games that you should look out for on the list is Dota 2 gambling, slots, dice, and blackjack among others.

Promotion and Bonus offers

Established casinos offer their players all sorts of bonus and offers. This includes the welcome bonus when you sign up at the site. Welcome bonuses can be anywhere from getting free coins to earning 5% of the deposit amount.

Other bonuses can include joining a referral program. You should also check the promo offers as some betting sites do not provide bonus to the existing players. Bonus in the promo section means that you will not feel neglected after you sign up and become a regular player.

Customer Support

Without sounding pessimistic, encountering a few hiccups in the process of CS:GO gambling is a given. And if there is no robust customer service at the gambling site you are playing, you will pull out your hair in frustration and have nobody to blame.

It will not be the case if you are playing at a credible casino with a good reputation. All CS: GO gambling sites worth their salt has a 24/7 support through a ticket system, email or phone, or all of them.

Some gambling sites also offer support in all major languages for the ultimate user experience. So if you are not a native English speaker, this can be very beneficial.

CS:GO Coin Flip Sites

CSGO coin flip betting

One of the principal reasons why coin flip gambling is so popular is that the chances of winning are very high. Although the odds of winning from the prize pool or pot are similar to roulette, at 50%, coin flip chances are higher.

The rules of the CS:GO coin flip games are similar irrespective of the site you play. Players wager their CS:GO skins to win what the other players possess.

  1. Login with your steam account. You will see all the items in your inventory on the screen that follows.
    Note: If you get a random invite on steam with a link, do not visit the link or make any deposit here. This is a scam tactic used by fake CS:GO sites. If you make any deposits on this link, you lose them forever.
  2. Select the items you want to make a deposit. You can deposit your CS:GO skins to get alternate forms of currency such as coins and emeralds. However, if you deposit skins directly onto an upcoming flip, the chances of winning increases by a significant amount.
  3. Next, you have to accept the trade made by the site’s bot.
    Do not accept the trade if it does not include a security code. CS:GO gambling sites which are illegal or are scammers will not provide a security code. If you make the trade, you will lose all the items, and you will have no way of getting them back.
  4. Next, choose the side you want to bet on, terrorist or counter-terrorist. Some CS: GO websites also allow their player to bet on different colors.
  5. Decide whether you want to play a high amount or low amount and commence your game.

In simple terms, select a member you want to play against. Select the items you wish to wager. When a coin is flipped, it will land on one of the symbols. If you win the bet, you get all your opponent’s wagered items. You also get to keep the items you included in the wager. If you lose, you hand over the wagered items to your opponent.

CS:GO Roulette Sites

roulette system skins

CS:GO roulette websites are as popular as coin flip games, if not more. Online roulette websites are only different in terms of aesthetics; otherwise, possess the same features as well as the principles of the game.

Common features among the CS:GO roulette sites include in-store credits, a bonus pot which is either red or black, and online chat rooms.

To gamble successfully with roulette, most experts will agree that there is no fixed strategy to win a wager. It is all about being patient and waiting it out. However, the most common strategies employed by roulette regulars are:

Martingale strategy

This is a classic roulette strategy and is popularly applied in CS: GO roulette as well. The idea is to increase the amount of wager after every loss. The concept is that you might eventually win, which will make up for all the smaller bets you have lost earlier.

Although not a winning strategy per se, the best way to use Martingale strategy for CS: GO gambling is to place your bets on Red/Black or Even/Odd.

Start your bet with the table’s minimum. If you win the round, place the same bet on the same color again. However, if you lose the bet, double your wager and place the bet on the losing color.

If you like betting at multiple sites to maximize your chances of winning, you may also want to avail the roulette bots that some of the top CS: GO gambling sites offer. You just need to set the rules, and the bots will place the bets on your behalf.

Reverse Martingale

In this method, you start with the minimum wager and increase or double your bet only after you win. If you lose a wager, you restart the progression and start betting with the smallest amount on the table. This strategy is also called Paroli and is based on the concept that both the winning and losing occur in streaks.

So, you maximize your chances of hitting a winning streak when you double your wager after every win. In the same way, to minimize your losses, you bet on the same amount when you are on a losing streak.

D’Alembert strategy

The concept uses even chance bets, and it is used on Odd/Even, Red/Black as well as 1-18/19-36. The idea is that if you win and lose in equal numbers, you will eventually make a good profit.

You start the wager by placing a minimum bet. If you lose it, you increase your bet by a single number. On the other hand, if you win the wager, you decrease the number by one. This strategy is considered a safe method as the increase in bets after a loss is significantly smaller than that of a Martingale.

James Bond strategy

A relatively new strategy, James Bond or 007 strategy became popular after the success of the movie, Casino Royale. It is a flat betting system where you wager with the same amount on every round and is considered a safe and simple strategy for CS: GO gambling.

The minimum amount you need to start the bet is $20. Some players also start at $200 and some even at $2000. However, the proportions of the strategy remain the same.

The 007 strategy is placing $14 on 19-36 which are high numbers. $5 on the line bet of 6 numbers which are 13-14-15-16-17-18 and $1 as a backup on the green or 0 as a backup. In this strategy, you lose only if the ball rolls and lands on 1-12.

There are other advanced strategies as well, but these are the common roulette strategies employed in CS:GO roulette skin gambling.

Skins won from Roulette and Coin Flip Gambling

CSGO lotto bets site

Most CS:GO gambling sites that offer roulette and coin flip games have a good selection of skins. A selection of weapons as well as CS:GO knives and gloves are available for purchase with the in-store currency. The coveted AWP-Dragon Lore is also available in most of the CS:GO gambling sites.

While playing CS:GO roulette, the golden rule is to be patient and win enough currency to be able to buy skins. When you purchase skins, or you have a good inventory of skins, you can cash them for real money. However, if you plan to sell your skins, there are certain things you need to consider.

Steam community market offers the highest prices for the skins you win from CS:GO roulette. However, the downside is that the money is only limited to the steam ecosystem. Irrespective of the amount of money you make from selling you skins through the steam community, the money cannot be moved outside your Steam Wallet.

On the other hand, third party markets allow you to cash in the skins for real money, but the prices are relatively lower. The ultimate choice will depend on whether you need the cash outside the Steam community or you want them converted to real cash.

If you decide to cash in the skins for real money, your best options are mass deposit service like Skin Wallet. You can instantly cash the skins to your PayPal within a matter of seconds.

CS:GO VGO bets

If coin flip games are your preferred choice, go for higher bets so you can increase your winnings. When you bet skins with higher values, you ultimately increase your chances of winning big. This is because most CS:GO coin flip sites have a 10% difference between the two players.

It means if you place a bet with a skin value of 100, your opponent can only be someone who has a skin with a value not more than 110 but not less than 90.

If you win the bet, you either win a skin with similar value as the one you wagered or a number of skins which together equals the value of the skin you wagered.

Just like you cashed out the skins for real money with CS:GO roulette, you can also cash the skins you win in coin flip games for real money.

Which are the best sites to play CS:GO skin roulette and coin flip?

When you search for the best sites for CS:GO roulette on a coin flip, chances are, you will come across hundreds of websites and recommendations. It can be overwhelming. An excellent place to start is by checking the CS:GO guides. They have a comprehensive list of CS:GO sites for their players.

But if you would instead settle on the first website, we recommend CS:GO Empire and CS:GO Fast. These websites have all the characteristics of a great online gambling site. With exceptional features, good selection of games and 24/7 customer support, they are among the best for playing roulette and coin flip.

You can also deposit different types of skins for store credits. CS:GO Empire also has the most extensive inventory of CS:GO skins which are available for withdrawal.

Another great website worth mentioning is Gamedom, which is a website dedicated to CS:GO gambling. The only drawback is that the deposits need to be done with Bitcoin.

What is the future of CS:GO betting?

Whether you play roulette or coin flip games, the heart of it is eSports betting. Although some may consider it to be a small market with amateur players, the reality is far from that. eSports betting on tournament levels have massive prize pools ranging from a few $1000 to millions. The lure of making it big through online gambling is just too great to be ignored.

At present CS:GO is one of the most popular games that attract millions of eSport betters from around the world. The reason is that it is suitable for all levels of players – from amateurs to the experts.

To have a successful run at CS: GO betting, players need to evaluate their odds at winning as well as CS: GO match betting. Irrespective of the game, sometimes it is better to win a rather small amount than to lose quite heavily.

With so many tournaments and leagues lined up for the ultimate players, CS:GO shows no sign of slowing down. But while roulette and coin flip gambling can be incredibly fun, it can also get intoxicating and spiral out of control. The important thing is that we must be responsible players, online or otherwise.