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Real money wagering is quite an unknown concept to the players of Call of Duty, most of the betting that takes place is usually on the basic points that have been earned by other players. They will bet their virtual and if they win they usually get better or more in number, since that is how betting works, making it virtual essentially makes little difference, because of the value that these points will usually hold.

There is also no wagering off your weaponry and virtual items in Call of Duty. Because of these reasons, there is little interest of players in the betting process of this game.

The whole betting aspect in Call of Duty is generally new but it is earning recognition as time is passing and people are indulging into it. The smaller events of Call of Duty are not as famous as the much larger events.


Betting on Call of Duty Games

The game Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was released in 2016, and it is said that most of the betting related activities of this game are usually on this version of it because of the point grading system that is involved.

However, there is a tournament that has occurred that goes by the name of Call of Duty World League that has offered to give away three million dollars throughout the season to betters and wagers, in an attempt to0 bring in more people into the world of Call of Duty betting and waging.

There are a total of thirty teams that compete in the championship and the winners of the team will receive 1.6 million dollars as a cash prize, this will help the franchise attract players to join the tournament and try to win the championship with their methods.

Because of the very recent occurrence of the Call of duty tournaments, the players have not had enough of an opportunity to polish their skills and there is a huge gap between the skills of Call of duty players and players involved in other video games of a similar theme. There are also no historical aspects of the game where bettors go online and go through the players and the tournaments that have happened before, in short there is almost no way to make an educated decision if you are planning on betting on a tournament of Call of duty.

Although, because of the little to no experience and expectations, there is no chance of making anyone mad, or upsetting and bettors. Also, there may not be older tournaments in existence but there are ways that you can stream the current tournaments online and keep a close eye on the whole scenario which will eventually help you in making an informed choice.

Betting can be quite enjoyable in eSports and because of its popularity, the people involved in the gameplay of Call of Duty are readily indulging into it to make their own mark on the whole virtual betting world.

Things you need to know about CoD before you start betting

Call of Duty is first-person shooter game and it is published by a company called Activision. The franchise started off in 2003 with a game related to World War 2, as time passed the company started to release games that referenced current times more than historical events.

Modern warfare was released in 2019. Infinity Ward decided the titles for the first and the second installment and Treyarch released the third installment of the game. The new installments had more to do with outer space and futuristic ideas and technology. The popularity inspired the creators to make a remastered version in 2016.

There were more sub-series that the creators made that were related to modern warfare, which although was a smaller game, still achieved some sort of status in the gaming universe. Since its release in 2016 modern warfare has managed to sell about 250 million copies, which is a revenue of 15 billion US Dollars. Along with the existing fame of the game, the franchise has also made other accessories for the gaming enthusiasts who like to have a tangible piece to keep as a collectible.

People have actually indulged into the purchase of these objects which ultimately made the franchise more money. The items they produce apart from the game include action figures, seemingly realistic dolls are a huge hit amongst those who buy this stuff because of the attention to detail in most of them. The people thrive off of the smallest pieces because of the joy it tends to bring. The dolls are designed by Plan-B toys.

Comic books

Apart from that, the franchise has also released comic books. This is basically Christmas for gamers who also invest in comic books and enjoy things of a similar nature but at the same time, love video games. Most of the time comic book readers and gamers fall under the same category of nerds.

Wildstorm Productions has published a mini-series of comic books that people readily buy. It gives them some sort of storyline and history that they will not get from just the game alone. Call of Duty: Zombies is a six-part series. It was published by Dark Horse Comics.

The comic book series is a reference to the Black Ops version of the Call of Duty, it gives the player history to the game and creates a personalized and well-informed experience for the player.

Modern Warfare 2: Ghost is a six-part mini-comic books series that gives the character Simon Riley a backstory and a history. This series was also published by Wildstorm at the same time as the game was released. People loved the comic book series as it helped them with receiving extensive knowledge about the importance of the game.

Call of Duty Card Game

There is also a card game available for people who are into it. You can buy the card games just for a sense of adding to your collection, but the card game alone can also be quite enjoyable for people. Card game enthusiast loves this addition to the collection.

The first installment of the game is responsible for bringing light to the incidents of World War 2. The game goes along with British soldiers from the war, they assist America soldiers and go along with the Red Army.

The second installation is a sequel to the first and carries out a similar theme, with the Red Army and the British and American soldiers. It was released in 2006 for Microsoft Windows. Around the same year it was also released for the Xbox 360.

The third installment is much like the first two and is a further addition to the World War 2. It was released in 2006 and was a development of Treyarch. This is the first of three in the series that was not a development of Infinity Ward, the graphics were obviously slightly modified but not too much that it would be recognized as harshly different.

This version of the game was also not released for the PC. It was however released for the PS3, PS4, and the Nintendo Wii, which is a slightly cheaper alternative for those who were looking for a console but can not afford to buy the more advanced ones.

This version took the events of the World War 2 quite seriously, it referenced the activities of the Polish Armies, the British Armies, the American Armies and the Canadian Armies. It also took into account the French resistance after D-Day in the Falaise Gap. All these details that were highly focused on made the game worth playing and the enthusiasts were in awe.

The critics gave the game excellent reviews further adhering to its already exceptional reputation. It remained a first-person shooter game to stick to its traditional roots.

Call of Duty WWII

WWII is a further revised version of the game, it was the fourteenth game in the series and it was released by Sledgehammer Games. Released in 2017 for Windows, PS4, and Xbox one, the game was a big hit amongst the very large gaming community. The game revolves around a squad in the first infantry division. The game followed the battles that occurred on the western front and sheds light upon the gruesome events that happened during that time. The game is said to be set during a very real event that happened, by the name of Operation Overlord.

Modern Warfare

The modern warfare series of Call of Duty has been quite a success. There are multiple installations for this series, the theme remains the same while the specifications and details may be revised with every new version which is released. Most of the characters that were available in the game were revivals from the ones before, they revisited because of their popularity with the fans who had some sort of attachment towards the characters.

These series are said to be a lot darker than the previous series of the game, with weaponry and moves that superseded the ones before.

Black Ops

Black Ops is the first series that took place during the cold war and engaged in that time of history. The universe is more or less the same because of the nostalgia that players and creators have had with the characters. The events of the Vietnam war are also partially referenced to in the game. One version of Call of Duty, Black Ops II, is responsible for introducing the gamers to the option of choosing multiple endings for themselves. The endings depend highly on the kind of choices the player will play regarding their kind of gameplay.

The rest of the Black Ops series is quite similar to each other. The installments do not differ extensively when it comes to the core basis of the gameplay, there are minor twists and turns that have changed, there are characters that have been added, there is new and improved weaponry that has also been made part of the game in each newer version, but the core gameplay has remained the same.

Black Ops 4 was the version that introduced one of the key aspects of the game that has impressed players immensely in the future years and that would be Battle Royale. Battle Royal, along with zombie coop mode and tying the whole thing with the option of multiplayer, has made the video game one of the best ones that have ever been made. The game has achieved high status in a very short amount of time because of its excellent features and highly improved graphics.


The series has also managed to release a stand-alone installment that goes by the name of Ghosts. There is not much that can be said about this installment, it did not achieve as much success as other installments of the game have, but it still got enough recognition to earn a decent revenue for the parent company and the creators.

Other Expansions & DLCs

There are other smaller games that have also been released by the creators that are not as famous as Black Ops or the World War series, but gaming enthusiasts and especially Call of Duty enthusiasts readily take part in the playing of the smaller versions. Most of the people who play are looking for a game that is shorter than the famous version but still legitimate enough that a player can enjoy it and not feel cheated. For example, Big Red One is a spin-off of Call of Duty and takes place after and during the events of World War 2 and highlights the fact that the American army exploited the opposing armies and acted with much cruelty. It sheds light on the inhumane ways of the Americans. The player is usually the one inflicting the damage because of the game being a first-person shooter game.

There are also smaller versions of the game that can be played on smaller devices such as the PlayStation Portable or the Nintendo DS. One of these games is called Call of Duty: Roads to Victory. This game is a spin-off of the third installment of Call of Duty.

The Black Ops version was also released for the Nintendo DS, making it a lot more accessible and affordable, especially for people who can most likely not afford a console. Call of Duty: Zombies and Zombies 2 are two games that can also be played on your phones since they have been developed for gameplay on the iOS software or Android.

The game consists of villains who are Nazis and have been converted into zombies. This version was based highly on the events of Call of Duty: World of War.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty Gameplay

There are a few ways that the game has been played; the first one being search and destroy. In this move, one player will likely play offense and the other will play defense. The number of kills that you make in this version is worth five times more than any other regular version. The goal of the player is to somehow kill all the team members.

The easiest way to do this can be to trigger bombs in the areas where the opposing team members are present. Players usually get one life per match, and it is a best of seven situation for the team members.

All of this avid gameplay triggered the players and the enthusiasts to turn this entire situation into a money-making Call of Duty gambling option for the general public.


The Hardpoint is also an avid feature in the game. The goal is usually to reach the Hardpoint before the other players to receive a certain amount of points. There are also extra points if after securing a Hardpoint, you secure a new Hardpoint. There is one move that is worth the most points and that is reclaiming a Hardpoint that was formerly appointed by the opponent team, as your own.

Capture the Flag

Capturing the flag is also common practice among video games in general. There is not much explaining that can be done, except that you capture the flag of the opponent team and take it back to your own headquarters. However, acquiring a new flag is only legible if your own flag is secure.
Uplink is very similar to capture the flag, but it has more to do with satellites.

The main goal is to bring down an opposing team’s satellite to your own station. The drones that the opposing team releases are thrown off into the other team’s station and that ultimately wins the team twenty points. There is also a halftime aspect where after ten minutes the teams will switch stations.

The explanation of gameplay was necessary to make it obvious the kind of betting that generally takes place between the gaming enthusiasts and players.

Final words

People who prefer betting on Call of Duty usually resort to online gambling platforms, where the world’s highly regulated and professional tournaments are filmed and streamed by the media and the people.