GLHF Bets icon is all about eSports gambling. We are solely dedicated to helping you get a fantastic betting experience. We share only the most valuable and accurate information. Our team of highly experienced eSports bettors has been doing extensive research and testing various methods and techniques for years. GLHF was introduced after these countless hours of research and tests.

ESports betting is an industry which is still at a developing or evolving state. We understand that things keep on changing, and to keep up with the changing trend is an absolute necessity. In a world of eSports gambling, what was useful a few weeks ago might become useless today. This is why our team never misses out any big or small events related to eSports betting.  

We try to notify you even the slightest development or change after a careful analysis. If you have any doubts regarding eSports betting, or regarding the articles on our website, do let us know. Our team at GLHF bets will be glad to provide you with the best answers to your questions.


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What makes us different from other sites?

GLHF does not bother to be in the competition; our prime focus is to help people get a better understanding of eSports gambling, and enhance their experience.  We make sure that each and everyone who visits our website is provided with an accurate and latest eSports gambling news. We also offer valuable betting tips and ideas.

ESports gambling has grown very rapidly in the last five years. And alongside its ever-rising popularity, more and more money is involved. Billions of dollars are staked annually, and the authorities around the world are now making changes to the gambling rules.

But understandably, many gamers who are into gambling are often worried about the law and most question its legality. The question itself is very complex. It is because almost every country has different rules when it comes to gambling. So, it depends on where you are living.

Apart from that, we only recommend those sites which are reliable and have a good reputation and are in compliance with the gambling laws. You will not have any issues related to your privacy or security.

Our mission

The main reason why we continuously keep on updating and make modifications to the information on our website is that technology never ceases to stop changing, and new games are introduced now and then. In most cases, the new ones are often dominant, with better graphics and better game experience.

Those gambling websites that were once very popular are no longer included in highly rated tournaments or contest. To make things more complicated, new sites are also introduced almost weekly. This makes it extremely hard for the eSports gamblers to make the right decision, especially for the beginners.

But you have no reason to worry. You don’t have to take the trouble to research and do all the study. Leave it all to because that is our mission – to make things simple and help you have an excellent eSports gambling experience.